AINET-ANTILLAS creates measurable advances in cybersecurity, cyber resilience and AI, to enable the timely and early adoption of 5G and IoT-powered services. MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) and IoT enable fast-growing global business. The MEC market is expanding rapidly with the emergence of new applications and technologies, e.g., in the areas of public safety, traffic, logistics and manufacturing industry. Recent estimates show 169% CAGR market growth.[1]

IoT will be all-pervasive, with the installed base estimated to exceed 50 billion units in year 2025. It has been estimated that IoT install base was 5.81 billion units in year 2020, while economic impact of IoT is 4-11 trillion USD in 2025[2]. Therefore, automation is compulsory in the required security operations, service provisioning and lifecycle management. With AI as the business growth engine, solutions related to model training, accuracy and security are becoming critical. The 5G network deployments are varied; they require flexible and distributed security solutions. Brought together in this project, the solutions to the above challenges form the common, significant, and international competitive advantage.

The competitive advantage is generated in many ways. For the SME partners, this joint action is a major initial effort in developing new IPR which can be in the next phase productized to significant new international business. For the large companies, the project offers more contact surface with their peers in the field, allowing wider visibility into the current developments and insight into on-going research initiatives. For small and large companies alike, the project gives rise to till then unexplored business opportunities. For research institutes, the industrial challenges and co-operation fuel further innovations with potential for lucrative business. Companies and research organisations jointly develop new knowledge and innovations as per business demand.

[1] Advanced research report multi-access edge computing, Vol. 1, No 2. July 2020. Dell’Oro Group Ubc.



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